Make your Github Profile Stunning by reading this Article!

What is Github?

GitHub is a distributed version-control platform where users can collaborate on or adopt open source code projects, fork code, share ideas, and more. It is an open-source code hosting platform for collaboration and version control.

By default GitHub profile looks like this, recently Github has provided a feature to modify our Github profiles by using some simple piece of code.

Now, well make our profile from default to a customized profile. So, let’s get started.

If you dont have a Github account create your account from here.

After creating a Github account, Go to Repositories and create a new repository with the name the same as your username. ie: if you have a username as “LokeshD” your repository name should be the same ( “LokeshD” ).

When you keep Repository name same as owner name you will see a text “You found a secret! 170030262/170030262 is a ✨special ✨ repository that you can use to add to your GitHub profile. Make sure it’s public and initialize it with a README to get started”. It says that you should keep the Repository public and check the ” Initialize this repository with a README ” checkbox.

After making this click on “Create repository” then your Repository will be ready with a readme.MD file within a few seconds.

Initialised with a readme file

Now we will add some interesting content to our profile by making changes to the readme.MD file. Click on and edit the file to make changes.

After opening the file it will look like this .

You can change and anything to your profile

I have changed according to my interest. you can add anything to readme document.

After my first commit went to my profile to see the changes in my profile.

Blog post workflow

This blog post workflow code has been developed by gautamkrishnar taken from here.

If you’re having any blogs or youtube channels you can workflow them to your GitHub so that if anyone views your GitHub and want to view your blog posts they can directly view them by clicking on the post URL.

For creating a workflow you need to create a folder named ” .github/workflows/ ” and then give the file name with the extension “yml”. So, I have a blog and I want to have my blog posts to the GitHub profile and I have created a yml file by clicking on the create a new file. Give the file name with the yml extension and commit the changes.

Now open the “blog-post-workflow.yml” and enter the code below and change the feed URL of your blog.

name: Latest blog post workflow
    # Runs every hour
    - cron: '0 * * * *'

    name: Update this repo's README with latest blog posts
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: gautamkrishnar/blog-post-workflow@master
          feed_list: ""

commit the work and go to readme file and enter the following code .

### ???? Latest Blog posts

After typing this code in the readme commit the changes and goto the actions tab in the GitHub Repository and click on the Latest blog-post-workflow and click on run workflow and run it. After running it your profile will be viewed like this.

GitHub Stats Card

Add the stats for the profile by typing this code in the file. Change the username and name of the stats bar.

This stats is implemented by Anurag Hazra you can visit his profile from here.

![Anurag's github stats](

Hiding individual stats

To hide any specific stats, you can pass a query parameter ?hide= with comma separated values.

Options: &hide=stars,commits,prs,issues,contribs

![Anurag's github stats](,prs)

Adding private contributions count to total commits count

You can add the count of all your private contributions to the total commits count by using the query parameter ?count_private=true

![Anurag's github stats](


With inbuilt themes you can customize the look of the card without doing any manual customization.

Use ?theme=THEME_NAME parameter like so :-

![Anurag's github stats](

All inbuilt themes :-

dark, radical, merko, gruvbox, tokyonight, onedark, cobalt, synthwave, highcontrast, dracula

GitHub Readme Stat Themes

After adding stats my profiles looks like this

GitHub Extra Pins

GitHub extra pins allow you to pin more than 6 repositories in your profile using a GitHub readme profile.

Yey! You are no longer limited to 6 pinned repositories.


Copy-paste this code into your readme and change the links.

Endpoint: api/pin?username=anuraghazra&repo=github-readme-stats

[![ReadMe Card](](


ReadMe Card

Top Languages Card

Top languages card shows github user’s top langauges which has been mostly used.

NOTE: Top languages do not indicate my skill level or something like that, it’s a GitHub metric of which languages i have the most code on GitHub, it’s a new feature of GitHub-readme-stats


Copy-paste this code into your readme and change the links and username.

Endpoint: api/top-langs?username=anuraghazra

[![Top Langs](](

Hide individual languages

You can use ?hide=language1,language2 parameter to hide individual languages.

[![Top Langs](,html)](

Compact Language Card Layout

You can use the &layout=compact option to change the card design.

[![Top Langs](](


Top Langs
  • Compact layout
Top Langs

Finally my profile looks very nice..! Now go youself and make your profile to next level. Here is my Github ProfileURL

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