How to Hide Data in the Images..!

What is Steganography..?

Steganography is a technique where one can hide anything into another image, video, audio or text file.

Types of Steganography | Download Scientific Diagram

Here we will learn how to hide data using the Steghide tool in kali linux.

Steghide is a steganography program that is able to hide data in various kinds of image and audio files.

Installing steghide:

> sudo apt-get install steghide


> steghide command [arguments]


You  should  use  the  embed  command if you want to embed secret data in a cover file. The following  arguments  can be used with the embed command:

-ef, --embedfile filename
       Specify  the  file  that will be embedded (the file that  contains  the  secret  message).

-cf, --coverfile filename
       Specify the cover file that will be used  to  embed data.

-sf, --stegofile filename
       Specify the name for the stego file  that  will  be created.

-Z, --dontcompress
      Do  not  compress  the secret data before embedding it.

-K, --nochecksum
      Do not embed a CRC32 checksum. You can use this if the secret data already contains some type of
      checksum or if you do not want to embed those extra 32 bits needed for the checksum.

-N, --dontembedname
       Do  not  embed the file name of the secret file. If this option is used, the extractor needs to specify
       a filename to tell steghide where to write the embedded data.


If you have received a file that contains a  message  that has  been  embedded with steghide, use the extract command to extract it. The following arguments can  be  used  with this command.

-sf, --stegofile filename
       Specify the stego file(the  file that contains embedded data).

-xf, --extractfile filename
       Create a file with the name filename and write the data that is embedded in the stego file to it. This
       option overrides the filename that is embedded into the  stego  file.


You can use the info command to get some information about a cover or stego file (for example the capacity). You might want to use this if you have received a file and you are not sure if it contains an embedded message.

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