Excitement of Phishing Attacks

Phishing is an attack where the attacker sends you the link or url to the user and make the user to click or open the url.

This is where the problem occurs the problem is that the attacker makes curious and interesting to user to open the url. The user opens the url sent by the attacker out of curiosity of something.
All the humans are curious about something like free money, free items and items coming for the less price compare to original price. For all those who are much curious about these things you need to control your curiosity of these things.

Nothing is free everything comes for a price. You need to remember this because your curiosity takes over your mind and makes you open that link.

If are not able to control your curiosity and wants to open the link. Just stop there and Do not open the link. .just copy the link and check whether the url is trusted or not.

How to know whether the url is trusted or not .? Well, we have so many sites which check for the malicious things in the URLs and let you know whether you need to open the link or not.
Here are some sites which will check the sites and give the result.
1) virustotal.org

Well, if you think you need to open the chrome and open website and paste the url there and you think of this as a waste of time here is the solution for you guys. You can add that site to your mobile by creating a short cut to the desktop or your mobile. This way you don’t need to open the chrome everytime you can just open the shortcut added to your mobile and it will directly open that site and you can easily analyse the url. This is applied to each and every type of phishing attack. All you need to do is stay out of curiosity and do not open the URLs that you don’t know.

How to identify the url is trusted or not.?
Well, for example if there is something like Amazon is giving free mobile please grab that offer and url will be something like HTTPS://jehdvdjksbwcsjs.usysj.com/
This is not the trusted url because the url of the amazon is amazon.com / amazon.in not something gibberish.
You can even know by seeing the grammar and typing mistakes in the text.

You need to remember nothing is free!

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