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Category: Warmups

Challenge name: Read The Rules

Please follow the rules for this CTF!

Connect here:

Solution: Open the above link and inspect the page. Check the entire source you’ll find the flag.

Flag: flag{its_time_to_hack}

Challenge name: baseball

I found this baseball… but… it doesn’t look like a baseball?

Download the file baseball

Solution: The given file contains the base64 encoded text


base64 decoder:

After decoding it we have the base32 encoded text “w3ASSa8pygyriw2WqFa88Z33c2ZpSUHMQWXqhEoCqXFhY1zFR9ddeF7pEJK8KtpVtu4QhVg3MBFNA92”

base32 decoder:

The resulting value is base 58 encoded text. Decoding it with the base58 decoder we have the flag.

base58 decoder :

Flag: flag{wow_you_hit_a_homerun_and_really_ran_the_bases_there}

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