Cracking Instagram Password using Script.

Cracking Instagram Password using Script: Instagram is one of the most widely used social media applications.Today I am going to show you how a hacker could crack someone’s Instagram password. Any social media can be hacked with two types. One is by creating a phishing page and sending to the victim. When victim open that phishing page they you get their credentials. Second method is by cracking the password using some scripts.

Here I am going to explaining how to crack the password using some scripts..! For this, you will need the passwords word list. You can even create your wordlist and use that wordlist.

Step1: Downloading Stript

You can directly download or clone using Git.

>git clone

Go to the directory where you cloned the github repository…!

>cd Instagram

Step2: Installing Requirements

>pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Step3:Crack That Password!

Now, It is finally time to crack the target’s password. The only thing we need now is the user’s Instagram username and you could also prepare a wordlist. Wordlist contains guessed passwords. The more you guess there may be a chance of hits.


python3 <username> <wordlist> -m <mode>


  • mode0: 4 bots: 64 passwords at a time
  • mode1: 8 bots: 128 passwords at a time
  • mode2: 16 bots: 256 passwords at a time
  • mode3: 32 bots: 512 passwords at a time

By default mode is set to 2.


>python3 username passwordlist -m mode_number

By using above command you can crack the password of the anyone’s instagram account.


Here i am providing with the common passwords wordlist. If you want you can use any of the wordlists.

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