How to create your VPN

what is vpn..?

A virtual private network is a private network that users use to send and receive data across shared or public networks

What is the use of vpn?

VPN is used to connect to the internet and allows you to surf websites privately and securely.

You can gain access to restricted websites .

It spoofs some other IP and it will show that IP address to the world.

Step by step procedure to create a VPN

Download the Outline Manager from the official website and install the outline manager.

Download the application depends on your operating system

Click on add server and choose the account type. Outline Manager will accept 4 types of platforms. You can create an account in any one of the platforms and use that platform here.

You can make use of any of the service

After choosing which type of platform service you want to use click on the “SET UP” on that platform. Here I am demonstrating using the AWS account.

Click on the setup

When you click on the setup you will see a 3 step process that you should complete on the server.

Configuring AWS

Go to AWS Console -> Launch a virtual machine and select ubuntu server

Select Launch a Virtual Machine

Select Ubuntu Server

Select t2.micro and click next

Click Next

Click Next

Add Key Name and Value and click Next

Choose Type to “All Traffic ” and protocol to “All”

Click on Launch

Choose the instance and click on the Connect

Copy the command

Open the command prompt and execute the copied command

open terminal and start the instance

Configuring Outline Manager

Go to to the Outline Manager and Copy the command that is present in the step 2 of the outline manager

Copy the text

Paste the copied text and type Y when it asks for the installing docker

Copy the output and paste it in the Outline Manager

Copy the output

Paste the output and click on done

The Configuration of the outline manager has been completed.

Server has been configured

Connecting Server to the Client

To use this connection download the Outline Client from and install it in all your devices.

Download the client

From the outline manager you need to get the AccessKey of the server to connect through the client devices, For that you need to go to Settings in the outline manager -> click tick on the “Share anonymous metrics” then a pop up appears select “connect through different devices” and copy the access key.

click on add server
Paste the Access Key
Click on ok
Connect to the vpn..!

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