How to install kali 2020.3 in windows machines


Windows installed in your laptop or system

vmware: Open the url and download workstation player for the Windows


Virtual Box: Open the url and download the Virtual Box for the Windows hosts.

Kali Linux Image: Download the Kali Linux depends on which virtual application you installed. Download link

Kali Image for Vmware: If you installed VMware you need to download the Kali Linux Vmware Image from the download link

Kali image for Virtual Box: If you installed Virtual Box you need to download the Kali Linux Virtual Box image from the download link

Process of Installing

  1. You need to install the virtual box or VMware
  2. Download the kali images
  3. Extract the zip files
  4. If you downloaded the kali image for VirtualBox double click on the ova file and import it to your VirtualBox.
  5. If you downloaded the kali image for VMware double click on the vmx file that was present in the extracted folder.Select “I copied it!” when a pop-up appears and asks about copied it or moved it.

Errors that may appear:

If an error appears says that you need to enable the “intel virtualization” here is the process you need to do.

  1. Restart the system
  2. When your company logo appears then move to the BIOS options by using the keys depending on the system.
  3. After entering into the BIOS you need to check for the option naming “intel virtualization technology”. If it is disabled then enable it and save the settings.
  4. This “intel virtualization technology” option will be mostly in the Advance settings tab or system configuration tab depending upon your system.

If you have any other errors please post the errors in the comments.

We’ll give solution on how to rectify them.

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